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Dr. Daniel J. Fedeli established The Balancing Center in 1987 to meet the increasing demand for alternative health care in Chicago and offer access to a different perspective on health and wellness Dr. Fedeli is a 1981 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Fedeli combines the National Upper Cervical (NUCCA) method of chiropractic with a wide array of forward-thinking techniques designed to release physical holding patterns as well as ease the effect of traumas, memories and emotions on the bodyís critical functions. Carefully selected advanced treatments such as energy synchronization, neuro-emotional clearing, stabilizing exercise, massage and movement therapies are used in conjunction with spinal adjustments to remove factors adversely affecting the body’s ability to restore and maintain long-term stability.

The methods and techniques used by Dr. Fedeli and The Balancing Center doctors and therapists are effective in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and in relieving pain and tension that accumulate in the body from job, sport, or recreational stress.

At The Balancing Center, long-term support programs facilitate growth, healing and positive change. They are an ongoing resource to facilitate optimal health over a lifetime. Patients gain an increased knowledge of nutrition, diet and ergonomic protocol along with an understanding of how to stabilize and move the body during exercise and yoga. As a result, patients are better able to care for themselves. It’s all part of Dr. Fedeli’s holistic approach to improving the quality of our lives.

At The Balancing Center, we believe that your body was designed to be well. We live in a time of preventable chronic illness brought upon by the environment in which we live, the food that we eat, and the stress we endure. Instead of adding another medication to your life, our team at The Balancing Center gently guides your body back to its optimal state naturally.

Through balancing your body with the N.U.C.C.A. upper cervical adjustment, supporting the transition to wellness with energetic techniques such as B.E.S.T., and helping you integrate your progress into your daily life through Foundational Movement Practices (F.M.P.), we will not only bring you back to wellness, we’ll help keep you there. 



The Balancing Center’s unique approach concentrates on the upper neck, which has a controlling influence on posture and many other body functions. The upper cervical correction (N.U.C.C.A.) involves a high level of precision and you will find it gentler than most other types of chiropractic adjustments. Following adjustment, your body will immediately shift toward balance. Neural communication is immediately enhanced. Symptom relief is often immediate, and the initial spinal adjustment sets a foundation for your path to optimal health.


The Balancing Center is a resource center for the individual, family, and community. Our support system teaches you how to take care of yourself in life-enhancing ways. When patients learn how to efficiently stabilize and effectively move, the body is able to then self correct. Your improvement in overall quality of health is noticeable. Our education process is part of a holistic approach that encourages new ways of perceiving and maintaining health and vitality.


The Balancing Center’s wide array of forward-thinking techniques and our innovative approach combine, allowing you to restore critical cognitive and physical functioning. Carefully selected advanced treatments such as energy synchronization (B.E.S.T.), neuro-emotional clearing (N.E.T.), stabilizing exercise, and body work and movement therapies are used in conjunction with balancing spinal adjustments. This combination removes the factors that caused your discomfort. Your body is effortlessly taught to restore and maintain health and long term stability.