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On your first visit to the office we have two primary concerns. Number one, what is the underlying cause of your condition? Number two, are we the right doctors to help you? In order to answer those questions, we will:

● Learn more about your current condition, overall health, health goals, and history.
● Investigate what you have done previously to treat your condition that has not worked or that has worked, but only temporarily.
● Perform a focused examination to determine if you are a good candidate for our care.

If your case is accepted, we will suggest a course of care. We recommend only what is necessary to take the next step toward achieving your own health and wellness goals. These recommendations may include: immediate treatment to begin the relief process, x-rays, instructions for follow-up visits, and directions for self-care.
On your second visit, our primary objective is to bring your body into better Balance, which restores your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Prior to your first upper cervical correction we will:

● Review our initial findings.
● Illustrate the association between your condition, spinal imbalance, and nervous system disturbance.
● Review your x-rays and describe the current health of your spine.
● Offer recommendations and expectations including a treatment plan that is focused on correcting the underlying cause of your condition.
● Endeavor to provide symptom relief, restore spinal balance and proper posture, and remove nervous system disturbance.

Following your first upper cervical correction we will:

● Recheck your balance and alignment.
● Help your nervous system synchronize, or recalibrate, to your correction.
● Take post x-rays to verify the correction and/or indicate necessary change in the correction vector.
● Schedule necessary follow-up appointment(s).
On your third visit we continue the course of treatment,
and start the process of educating you to be able to
support your care from the inside out. We will:

● Evaluate the status of your Upper Cervical Correction to confirm that your body is holding "in balance" and re-adjust if indicated.
● Provide adjustments and procedures to Support and encourage symptomatic relief and to continue healing process.
● Provide initial instruction in the Foundational Movement Practices that you will Integrate into your daily activities as well as your sport activities, exercise and yoga routines. These practices lay the foundation for proper posture and anatomical movement, facilitate new muscle patterns and re-educate your nervous system.


On a typical office visit we will:

  • Assess the status of your upper cervical correction and provide any necessary correction.
  • Perform supportive adjustments and procedures to facilitate healing, movement and relief.
  • Provide continued experience and instruction to support the integration of the Foundational Movement Practices.
  • Offer indicated suggestions for additional self care processes or nutritional support.

An average visit is seven to ten minutes. Additional time can be scheduled at a reduced fee for those who need or want additional time with the Doctor.


Every six weeks or twelve visits, we will re-evaluate, review, assess and recommend based on results, goals and intentions.