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Check out what our patients are saying about The Balancing Center
Janice W.

Before I came to the Balancing Center, I had a pinched nerve in my neck and lower back and was feeling extreme pain in my neck, back and leg. I had been experiencing this on and off for years. I had tried other doctors, muscle relaxers, and pain medication.

It got so bad I had to take off time from work for a week until I could get in to The Balancing Center. Luckily, my son is the one who found Dr. Dan Fedeli through a friend.

I had been to chiropractors before but they had a totally different approach. When I first came in to see Dr. Fedeli, I was amazed at what I learned. My son and I both had x-rays done and Dr. Fedeli showed us that our hips were up 1”. We were recommended to see him weekly, then bi-weekly, then monthly and then once in a while for maintenance.

I have now been pain free for almost 13 years! Dr. Dan is a guru. His treatments differ every time. He keeps me and my son aligned and I am so grateful to him for keeping me healthy.

Sinyee F.

Dr Fedeli is always amazing  – that’s why I have been a patient for over 4 years now.

Mark P.

The Balancing Center always exceeds my expectations. Drs. Dan and Ken tag-team on my treatments depending upon when I am in Chicago. The world would be a better place if more people went to the Balancing Center.

Christina W.

Dr. Fidelli, Dr. Bennett, Dr. Helgerman, and Mary at the Balancing Center have really helped me in so many ways. After going to a different chiropractor a couple years ago, I started having a lot of back and neck pain and muscle tightness (pain that was not there before I went). After the pain became really bothersome, I talked to my doctor about it and she referred me to the Balancing Center. I am so glad she did! The doctors here at the Balancing Center were able to gradually eliminate the pain and muscle tightness that was caused by the other chiropractor AND they were able to put my head back on straight and help heal other ailments that I had been having. I am very grateful to the Balancing Center and highly recommend them.

Kari S. 

“I’ve been coming to the balancing center for a few years and can’t give anything but positive reviews. My nervous system appreciates the subtlies of the work. And the staff is friendly and helpful. Truly a positive experience.”

Marie H.

“I recently broke my wrist and had much pain from both the trauma of impact plus pain from my compensating use of other muscles. Dr Fedeli has helped me tremendously as he cleared both stresses from my body as well as helping my injured/traumatized parts communicate with the rest of my body again for a whole body function.”

Ellen G.

“Dr. Ken is competent, professional, and compassionate. I have been to a lot of different chiropractors, and he is top notch. I highly recommend him.”

Michelle F.

“Dr. bennet is amazing. I was in quite a bit of discomfort. I feel great now”

Heather M.

“I have been going to The Balancing Center for over five years. Everyone there is great to work with and interested in caring for your health. I highly recommend!”


“The staff was very nice and professional. The doctors were well versed in their own areas and collaborate very well with one another to provide the best care to the client.”

Rebecca C.

“Dr. Ken is the greatest! Really zeroed in on my issues, including some I didn’t even think were related. Can’t wait to start more treatments, feeling better even after first appt.”

Elizabeth W. 

​”Excellent as always. Ellen and Ken are always positive and compassionate. Just what I need when I feel broken and defeated. Thanks team!!”


“I have totally benefitted from all my Balancing Center care. I have been a 20 year nucca patient and recently moved to orthobionomy as my current health treatment choice. I like the center’s range of options and wholistic approach… You can choose what works best for you and your health!”

Valerie Y. 

​”Well, it was a very interesting experience. Some gentle balancing and I was able to walk home from the appointment. I was still in pain most of the day, but not surprising since my body was trying to release lots of stored tension. I slept last night. I only got up once. I don’t remember the last time I only got up once during the night.”

Eileen C. 

“Helping me to get my body in proper alignment has greatly helped me ways I couldn’t imagine. Never knew how much toll this was taking on me. My allergies and other inflammation were very affected by this. Since seeing Dr. Dan I have seen huge improvement in my sinus issues, skin issues, vertigo issues and back and neck pain issues.”

Shayna W.  

“My experience with The Balancing center has been great! I have some chronic pain and numbness in my right leg/ foot. Through Dr. Bennett, I have come to really appreciate the holistic view of health that The Balancing Center has. I think I will be committed to this type of care for life. My quality of life has been impacted beyond the reasons why I originally went to The Balancing Center. I am very grateful for their on-going care.”

Maria S. 

“Dr. Helgerman is always friendly, attentive and professional!”

Alphonso B.

“I have been going to The Balancing Center for almost 10 years and they have been instrumental at resolving numerous health issues. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Fedeli and Dr. Bennett to family and friends and all have been completely amazed at the results.”


“I come on the train from Joliet. Dr. Dan and Dr. Ken have given me excellent care and advice. My balance has made great improvement. I am very thankful. I eagerly look forward to more improvement under their care. Also, the ladies at the desk are very helpful.”

Sarah K.

“Working as a dog trainer and dog walker for the past 5 years, I never realized how effective chiropractic care could be.   Dr. Ken has been great at helping me work out any discomfort and imbalance I have due to work. For anyone even caring for one dog, you may not even realize how much it causes imbalance in your body.  I have tried other chiropractors but Dr.Ken is by far the best.”

Anthony R.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dan and Dr. Ken for about a year.  Initially, my posture and inability to walk straight were indicators my body was in need of alignment. After just one visit, I felt more grounded and could walk straighter without much mental effort. I highly recommend them.”

Holly K.

“Dr Ken is great!! He takes his time with you and he’s very thorough!! I also love how the staff is very welcoming and make you feel at home;) I had started going to the Balancing center because I had researched nucca and how it is good for people with migraines.  Although chiropractic care has not helped my migraines yet, it has definitely helped the knots in my neck that I couldn’t never get rid of until now, and it has helped my feet. From years of wearing heels, I could no longer wear heels for more than 2 hours without my feet killing me. I thought that I would eventually need to see a doctor about it, and they probably would have taken x rays etc. I told Dr. Ken about it and he started adjusting my feet as well.  I was recently was in a friends wedding and realized I was still wearing my heels with no pain at the end of the night. I had been in them most of day and I danced in them all night. Usually by the end of the night, I could barely walk. Thank you!”

Marisa V.

“As I came into the new year, I set an intention to improve my overall health and wellness because my energy just felt low. A friend of mine (one of the healthiest and most active people I know) had such high praise for what TBC and Dr. Dan can do for overall energy level that I was open to exploring it when given the offer for a free initial consultation. Mind you, I didn’t have any injuries or chronic pain. I was just interested in – and admittedly a bit intrigued by – how TBC uses a highly subtle and non-intrusive technique on the base of your neck that somehow boosts energy without inflicting any pain whatsoever. I really just want to feel like my best self, so I thought, “Bring it!” After just 20 minutes in an initial consultation with Dr. Dan I was blown away by how he was able to quickly demonstrate how and where my body was basically unnecessarily locking energy in my right leg that was draining me of my overall energy level. He did a remarkable job of explaining in very simple terms and metaphors how our body responds to certain strain by trying to auto-correct; which very often leads to what I guess could be described as your body programming itself to store energy in certain places with the intention of “fixing”. I’m not Dr. Dan so I won’t even try to further explain with medical expertise *BUT* what I can tell you is that he was able to prove this to me with a very simple exercise within the first 20 minutes of our appointment. I left feeling like I had just been truly educated on ways my body works that I had never known after 33 years of living in it. The real jackpot, however, was how much energy I felt that day and after subsequent sessions thereafter. By taking x-rays to pinpoint the misalignments and working the extremely gentle but effective magic that he does, he was able to quite literally unlock a well of energy within me that had previously been tied up in the wrong places. I could not be a bigger advocate of Dr. Dan’s and The Balancing Center. Oh – and I also saw Dr. Ken once when Dr. Dan was out and he absolutely follows the same approach and technique. While I understand a lot of people seek out help when they are in pain, I also highly recommend The Balancing Center to anyone who feels like their energy level just isn’t where it should be.”

Ali S.

“There are no words to describe how I feel about The Balancing Center.  Dr. Ken Bennett took me from being in pain constantly to rarely experiencing pain and feeling 99% every day.  If you suffer from TMJ and jaw pain, stiff neck, sore muscles, headaches, sinus pain/pressure, ear infections, allergies, stomach issues, etc. he is your man.
There was a 7 month period of time where I was unable to fully open my jaw making it difficult to eat and speak.  I went to two specialists who insisted that I have surgery and wear a permanent mouth guard for 3 months without taking it out.  I refused to believe that those were my only two options.  I approached Dr. Ken with these two options, nearly in tears, and he suggested we review my neck.  We took some in depth X-rays which showed that the neck was my issue, not my jaw. After 3 months of treatment I am back to my good old self.  I feel wonderful.  I can open my jaw fully and best of all I am pain free.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Ken!”

Claudia R.

“I owe the quality of my life today to Dr Ken. I have been to a lot of chiropractors over the years and I cannot recommend him highly enough.  His ability to listen to and understand the body are simply unmatched.

Four years ago I experienced some complications after childbirth and began having lower back pain.  Things slowly got worse, despite treatment, until my back began to spasm.  It spasmed 24/7 for 9 months.  I had chiropractic adjustments 4x/wk, went to acupuncture 3x/wk, and physical therapy 3x/wk.  I saw a sports medicine doctor and a back surgeon.  I drastically changed my diet, received massage and visceral manipulation.  Nothing helped at all.  Thankfully my third chiropractor referred me to the Balancing Center.

It took some time, but today I can do whatever I want without pain thanks to Dr Ken and the team at the Balancing Center.  They combine the NUCCA technique with full body adjustments, and these adjustments are more precise then any I have experienced in the past.  They understand there is more to the body than muscles and bones, and with each adjustment also use techniques to treat your energy system as well as your thought processes.  You are also taught exercises that allow your body to recalibrate successfully to its new position.

Everyone at the Balancing Center genuinely cares and you can feel it.  Dr Ken is a true healer.  His patience and wisdom are remarkable and you simply need to go experience it for yourself!”

Mary Beth G.

“I’ve worked with a wide variety of healers for many years, and i can say with true authenticity that Dr. Fedelli offers some of the best healing I have ever experienced.  As part of my pain treatment, I also see The Balancing Center massage therapists; each one is better than the other.  The entire team has helped my heal my chronic pain to a significant degree.  I cannot recommend them more highly.”

Alicia E.

“I absolutely loved seeing Dr Ken Bennet and Dr Dan Fedeli at The Balancing Center. Both doctors were thorough and clear about the work they were doing to my spine, and I felt safe at their office. I would recommend The Balancing Center to anyone with back problems.”


“A much needed and thorough session with Dr. Fedeli prepared me for a sublime session with the bodyworker. I floated out of the office.”

Jessica M

“Dr. Fedeli gave me my life back! I cannot thank him enough for helping me get better it is truly a blessing. My story. I was a very active teenager snowboarding, wake-boarding, jet skis you name it! Obviously had many falls as well. One fall in particular I will never forget I fell off a balcony when I was 16 years old I fell flat on my back onto concrete and broke my right wrist. All the concentration was on my wrist no X-rays were taken of my neck and back just my wrist. And at the time I felt like my spine was fine didn’t even think twice about it actually. Three years later at 19 I got my first pinched nerve in my neck and could barely move it. Between 19 and 29 (10 Years!!!) I’ve seen 7 chiropractors 7 being Dr. Fedeli lucky number 7 🙂 first 6 (4 in michigan and 2 in Chicago) were the old twist and crack your neck kind of chiropractors. The last 2 years of my life that’s when things started to get really bad. I was super tired all the time, chronically fatigued and slept 10 plus hours a day no problem. I was also very depressed with no quality life and started to get sick all the time because my immune system was shot. I went to more doctors than I can count not ONE knew what was wrong with me. I ended up getting prescribed 3 medications. Adderall to fix my fatigue, clonazepam for my anxiety and neck muscle pain, and citalopram for my depression. After being disappointed too many times and doctors putting bandaids with prescriptions for my fatigue, pain etc. I used my good friend google and started researching my symptoms. It took about a year to come up with the conclusion it could be my C-1 (Atlas) out of alignment. I thank god for helping me and leading me into the right direction to find this miracle. Shortly after I linked the two I told my boyfriend (which he’s amazing at looking up good doctors and reading their reviews he’s a dentist himself) he is the one that found Dr. Fedeli for me. My first visit with Dr. Fedeli I was sick again of course with a head cold. I took a cab 3 blocks to his office because walking at the time was too much for me. As soon as he saw me he was so understanding, and knew exactly what I was going through. It was so relieving to have someone that understood when all the other doctors had no idea what was wrong. He was like no chiropractor I’ve ever seen before. He did some test one of my legs was shorter than the other and my hips were off by almost an inch! He took X-rays and then I came back the next day for the adjustment, which again was like no other chiropractor. It was a pressure on my head and ear – no cracking, no twisting. I’m writing this one month later and I’m no longer taking Adderall and my energy levels are through the roof compared to what they use to be! I wake up feeling refreshed which is the best feeling ever! I walk to my appointments twice a week no longer need to cab it 3 blocks. I’m eating healthy, growing a mini garden in my kitchen and planted flowers on my deck, graduate from school in 3 weeks. For once Im excited about LIFE!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you Dr. Fedeli you gave me my life back!”